Unleash the little Picassos! Kids’ parties are creative and tons of fun.


Fill-out the form in Contact Us or give us a call at (804) 590-7706 to ask about availability and discuss details! We will accommodate your special night.


We love hosting kids’ parties in our studio where there’s already paint everywhere! We host our kids’ parties twice on the weekends, at noon and 3:00 pm. Each session lasts 2- 2.5 hours. Each kid gets a 16×20 canvas to take home (the ultimate goody bag), great music, paint, and an artist experienced with teaching children. We sell kids’ drinks (e.g. juice and water) and you’re free to bring in your own food and cake for a Private Party. You’re also welcome to come in and decorate beforehand.


For standard kids’ party tickets, we require a minimum of 15 painters with a max of 32. Standard pricing is $20 per painter for groups 20 or more and $25 per painter for smaller groups of 15-19 kids. Groups of less than 15 are a flat fee of $250.

Additional charges may apply if extra studio time is desired. If you want to create a custom painting, please let us know. We’ll try our best to work something out with one of our artists. Give us some direction and we’ll work to create something meaningful!


For an unchaperoned party the age range must be 8+ years old, although we still recommend having at least one adult chaperone present for any kids party (hey it’s fun, and you can help make sure we’re getting the right pictures!). Adults can paint or just hang out, take pictures, etc. For supervised events, they should be 5+ years old and have at least one adult present for every 5 kids in the party.


A common question is: “Do you sell beer and wine to the adults that are there?” (we assume the implication is that they’re not sure they can handle being around 20 kids without it!). The answer is yes, if we’re open, we’ll serve beer & wine to adults who are present. Of course, the alcohol is well out of kids’ reach.